The fastest way
to launch your viral waitlist!

Lancero makes it easy to manage your waitlist, invite codes and referrals so you can focus on what matters most, building your business!

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All the parts you don't want to build yourself.

Building, managing and integrating a waitlist yourself is a pain. It costs lots of time and afterwards you are stuck with a bunch of code you no longer use. Let Lancero take care of it for you.

Everything Email

From custom email designs to delivery and open tracking, Lancero has it all.


Wonder which site brings you the most leads? We've got you covered!


Lancero Auto-Send makes it easy to automatically invite a batch of leads each day.

Easy-to-use API

Want to configure your own customer journey? Our easy-to-use API is the perfect solution.


Easily track the amount of friends each lead refers and reward them for doing so.

Always Up-to-date

Make sure you are always up-to-date with what happens thanks to emails and webhooks.

Don't just take it from us

Your startup only deserves the best, hear what our customers have to say.

“Lancero is a fantastic product. The developers work incredibly fast to add requested features, and their API is customizable and easily interoperable with our systems.”

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 import Lancero from '@lancero/node'; const lancero = new Lancero("Your API-key"); // Adding a user to the waitlist const created_customer = await lancero.leads.create({ email: "", waitlist: true, });

Oh-So-Easy to integrate

Lancero's easy implementable API gives you the power to customize your waitlist to your needs!

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Whatever suits your needs

Launching your prelaunch campaign with a simple copy and paste? Lancero's low-code Widget has you covered! Or don't know how to copy and paste? Then the Lancero Portal comes right out of the box!

Lancero portal

Lancero Widgets

The perfect solution for those that want to integrate Lancero right in their own website. Add our easy and beautiful widgets with less than 5 lines of code.

Lancero portal

Lancero Portal

Do you want to skip the coding part altogether? With Lancero Portal you can claim your very own Lancero site with a dedicated waitlist and claim page.

Cheap cheaper cheapest!

Start validating your idea for free today! Add a plan when you need more power later on with additional features!



The perfect plan for small scale projects and startups

  • 1000 Leads

  • Analytics

  • Lancero Auto-Send

  • Email from your own domain

  • 2 seats



The plan for those that need some extra power

  • Unlimited Leads

  • Analytics

  • Lancero Auto-Send

  • Email from your own domain

  • Email tracking

  • 10 seats


Getting your business off the ground can be a tough challenge. We at Lancero know this and offer you a generous free tier to get you started! The first 100 leads are on us, no credit card or deposit required!

Ready for takeoff?

Get your own Lancero up and running in less than 5 minutes.

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